Tenille Arts Found Her ‘Somebody Like That’

Who doesn't love a beautiful love story? Tenille Arts has one and as Cody Alan's 'Next Women Wednesday' artist for January it's only fair that we share it. 

While there is so much to celebrate about this rising country music star, it's her vulnerability that we are highlighting right now. 

In a recent interview with Cody, the "Somebody Like That" singer shares how her 'Love, Heartbreak, & Everything In Between' album helped her go from bachelorette to happily taken hitmaker. 

"This album was 100% everything that I have gone through over the last few years," says Tenille. "I started out writing the heartbreak section because I had just gone through my first big heartbreak."

"I had so many songs that I wanted to write for that, but I was like, "I can't put out an album of all heartbreak songs." So, I waited it out and wrote some songs about life," shared the country music darling. "Then, "Somebody Like That" came about, which was the first hopeful love song that I had ever written for this project."

"Then, just a few months later, I ended up meeting somebody and just started writing all these love songs. Which was probably really premature to be writing all that," laughs Tenille. "But, I was just feeling it, and wrote them all out, and was able to complete the final section of the album."

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Stream Tenille's album, 'Love Heartbreak And Everything In Between,' available everywhere now.

Stay tuned throughout the entire month of January to receive exclusive updates and more news from the rising country star. As Cody Alan's 'Next Woman' artist for the month, Tenille will be dropping in on the radio with Cody every Wednesday night. Find your CMT Radio station at www.CMTCody.com.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.