Cody Cast: Who Taught Priscilla Block To Play Guitar? You'll Never Guess.

She's the new kid on the block, and on this episode of the Cody Cast Podcast, Priscilla Block drops in with Cody Alan to reveal how TikTok helped launch her career.

Song titles like "PMS" and "Thick Thighs" will definitely catch your attention, and thanks to the popular social media app TikTok and her fanbase, Priscilla has skyrocketed to fame with her debut single, "Just About Over You." Who is the 'you' she's talking about? Cody gets the inside scoop. The country starlet also reveals why she checks in with her loved ones more than ever and gushes over Taylor Swift

PLUS: Who taught Priscilla to play guitar? You'll never guess. 

Join in on this "Block Party" and get to know this rising star by listening now! 

Photo Credit: Priscilla Block.