Blake Shelton Says 'Minimum Wage' Isn't 'Brain Surgery'

Blake Shelton has been receiving quite a bit of grief after releasing his new single, "Minimum Wage."

In the song, Blake romantically croons over the idea that love can make you feel rich even when you're poor, with lyrics including, "Girl lookin' at you, looking at me that way/ Could make a man feel rich on minimum wage."

Who can disagree with that?

While some listeners might be troubled by the song, Blake dropped in with Cody Alan to share that this is a record he is really proud of and excited to perform live.

"Thank you for bringing new music to us. This new song called "Minimum Wage" hits me right in the first chord, and when I first heard it, I thought, "That is like the opening line of a concert!" says Cody.

"Cody, you would be good on my management team," Blake jokes. "That's how we think too. It's like, "Wow, this song would be great to open concerts, and oh, by the way, Blake, you don't have too many up-tempos. That's another reason this should be a single."

"That's literally how some of the conversations go," revealed the country superstar. "You know? How does this fit into the concert? It would be a great intro because it's got a long drug-out intro."

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"I didn't think that hard about the message of the song. It's such a fun lyric," reveals Blake candidly. "It seems there is always a dust-up these days no matter what, but, you know, the message of this song is basically, not having a lot of money sucks, but if you've got love, that sure makes things a lot easier."

"I love that it was an upbeat message and an up-tempo song, and I just think it's a blast. It's definitely not brain surgery," says Blake. "It's a classic country theme that I was proud to record."

"Minimum Wage" is Blake's first song for the new year and will be likely included on a new studio album that's in the works. Details on a release date or album title are still formulating. In the meantime, check out Blake's "Minimum Wage" track by clicking the link below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.