7 Best George Strait Songs + What We Learned From His Lyrics

Happy Birthday, King George!

With 13 multi-platinum albums and 61 No. 1 singles, it’s not hard to cue up George Strait’s timeless hits for back to back listening.

Dubbed “King George” by country fans for good reason, the legend’s mild-manners and country-to-the-core lyrics have helped define country music. To celebrate George's 68th birthday (May 18), here are 7 of the country icon’s most popular songs and what we learned by listening to him.

“Give It Away”

What we know: Bill Anderson, Buddy Cannon, and Jamey Johnson came together to write this hit song about a woman scorned. What we wonder: Are they speaking from first-hand experience?

“All My Ex’s Live In Texas”

Maybe the first time “transcendental meditation” was used in a song lyric. It’s there. Look it up.

“Write This Down”

Sticky notes. Never forget.

“Ocean Front Property”

Having a deep sense for geography and sarcasm goes a really long way.

“Check Yes Or No”

Instincts start early. “Way back in third grade” to be exact.

“Carrying Your Love With Me”

West Virginia to Tennessee might be the loveliest road trip you can take, even if it comes with a melancholy undertone.

“Amarillo By Morning”

Rodeos at the county fair are as timeless as George Strait's songs. Hard to imagine that this track never reached #1 on the charts.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.