Michael Ray Says "She Could Qualify As A NASCAR Driver”

Michael Ray and Carly Pearce are one of country music’s hottest couples.

The newly engaged duo enjoys keeping in touch with each other and keeping their fans entertained with their social media love notes and shared Instagram stories.

It’s clear, this twitterpated couple is smitten.

So, what about this fairytale love story could have Michael Ray nervous? 

Cody Alan asked the question. In a recent sit-down interview, Cody asks “What’s a pet peeve or one thing about Carly Pearce that makes you nervous?”

The “Think A Little Less“ singer never missed a beat.

“She could qualify as a NASCAR driver,” laughs Michael.

Michael is not ashamed to admit that Carly is the better, and faster, driver. As it turns out, Michael thought he would be late for his interview with Cody. That was before Carly took the wheel.

Michael smirked, “She was driving and she said, “I might have to do some things that I am sorry for,” and we were in and out and here…” Michael motioned a quick swerve action with his hand before saying, “And, then, we got here on time.”

Cody and Michael laugh and agree that they are “country drivers,” who go slow and use their blinkers.

Michael is currently on the road, but not for long! Catch him on tour through February 1st. Tickets are available at www.MichaelRayMusic.com

Photo Credit: Getty Images.