William Shatner To Make 'Grand Ole Opry' Debut

Country and 'Star Trek' fans, mark your calendars! 

William Shatner is making his way to the Grand Ole Opry stage for his debut performance on February 15th.  

On August 10, 2018, the 87-year-old actor released his first country album, ‘Why Not Me’ with the collaborative help of Jeff Cook, co-founder of the legendary band, AlabamaThe collection of songs found on this record is a nod to Shatner’s 1968 cult classic ‘The Transformed Man," which was a coveted moment in Shatner's career. 

I always wanted to sing," Shatner admits to Billboard. "I took some singing lessons as a young actor, but I didn't have time to follow through. I probably could have learned to sing, but I never did. I'm filled with the realization that I can't sing, but as an actor, I had a feel for poetry. I did a lot of Shakespeare on my time, and poetry readings. There is a very definite road from music to poetry – and it's one I've walked so many times. When Decca Records asked me to make a record, I jumped at the chance. I had a concept, which was to put music to great literature and segue into the great literature of the time."

Tickets for the Grand Ole Opry can be found HERE.


'Why Not Me' Tracklist

  1. Hush Her With A Kiss 
  2. Got A Thing For You
  3. Why Not Me (feat. Neal McCoy & Home Free)
  4. Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Alone
  5. Should’a Loved (feat. Cash Creek)
  6. Beam Me Up
  7. Too Old To Be Vegan (feat. Cash Creek)
  8. I Hate To Waste Good Beer
  9. What Some People Throw Away
  10. Wrong Number
  11. Hello Me
  12. That’s What Dreamers Do

Photo Credit: Getty Images. 

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