A Carrie Christmas: Carrie Underwood Shares Her Fave Christmas Tradition

“We’ve kind of lost traditions, which I feel a little sad about,” said Carrie Underwood in an interview with Cody Alan. “We are always traveling and none of our family lives here.”

For many of us, the holidays are a special time to reflect and reconnect with loved ones. Carrie and her family are no different, but her fame has caused a conflict in participating in one of her favorite holiday traditions.

Reflecting on her childhood, Carrie shared her favorite Christmas tradition.

“Growing up, um, at Christmas, we would go to my grandma’s house. They lived down the street," said Carrie thoughtfully. “We would go there, and all the kids, on Christmas eve, would put apples, and oranges, and bananas in little paper bags. And, then, we would all go to the nursing home and we would sing Christmas carols up and down the halls and pass out fruit to all the people who didn’t have any visitors on Christmas eve.” 

After a slight pause, Carrie said “I wish we still did that. That was such a great memory that I will always treasure.”

“Bring it back! I’ll join the choir with you!” insisted Cody.

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Carrie visibly disheartened shared, “We tried. One year, back home, and somebody who was at the place told everybody. All of the sudden there were all these people that weren’t members of the nursing home who were just there. It kind of backfired, but we did try.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images.