1999’s Weirdest Gig: Keith Urban Plays Pool Party

Let’s start this article off by saying that CMT Radio and Cody’s Crew are music people first and foremost. We are fans of music and we sincerely appreciate artists. We also enjoy scouring the deepest and darkest dwellings of the internet and we often find ourselves faced with midnight hours and YouTube worm holes.

We are nothing more than music people. Just like you.

So, this is our only warning for what you are about to witness. Prepare yourselves because what we have found is about to rock your socks off.

The year was 1999, a young Keith Urban stands cradling an acoustic guitar adjacent to a guitar shaped pool. Surrounding him is a swarm of radio people eagerly listening to this New Zealand newcomer. (No, “radio people” don’t have “a look.” That part was sourced from the YouTube description.)

This video really needs no further introduction. Just click, watch, and thank us later.

Today we celebrate pool parties, 90’s benchmarks and discovering incredibly gifted musicians.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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