Cody Alan Exclusive: Garth Brooks Covers It All From Honky Tonks To Heaven

Garth Brooks, the man known for powerful performances and legendary songs stands next to Cody Alan laughing. He is wearing jeans and an oversized black sweatshirt, which is not his first choice in attire for a video interview. However, until this moment he had been doing only phone interviews with Country Radio up and was fairly certain that no one would ever witness his stylish decision to choose comfort.

“Do I even need to introduce you?” smirks Cody Alan.

“You know what,” Garth Brooks snickers. “My shirt kind of says it all. Now let me please explain this, we have been doing radio all day long so I didn’t think anyone was going to see me. So, I [thought] I’ll wear my big comfy G shirt.”

Cody grins and nods with approval in the fashion choice. “I like it. I NEED one of those.”

The two comfortably launch into the exclusive interview where Garth opens up about his current single, “All Day Long” and how he was able to source and refine the familiar sounds of country music while adding the new and refreshing flair that current country music fans seek.

A beautiful part of what makes a country song great is that it can be created almost anywhere. For Garth, this song came to life during the 2018 Country Radio Seminar. “We were playing Layla’s. A little honky tonk, about 70 people. And, it hit me. You may play arenas and you may be lucky enough to play stadiums, but you are a honky tonk guy. You just are.”

Watch the full interview to catch the legendary hitmaker’s viewpoint on everything from honky tonks to Heaven. He even shares his favorite emoji.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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