Carrie Underwood Reveals the Private Place She Cries

You can’t “Cry Pretty,” but you can cry privately.

Carrie Underwood, whose teary new single is currently climbing the charts, reveals in a new interview where she goes to shed a tear for no one to see.

“I feel like my car would be a good crying place, you know,” she says. “You just feel kind of safe. It’s like a small space. There’s probably people that can see me at stop lights and whatnot—but oh, well.”

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The country megastar goes on to describe why she wanted to pen a song like “Cry Pretty,” which she’s previously says was “exactly what [she was] feeling in that moment.”

“As humans, we’re expected to have our crap together all the time,” Carrie says. “And being a mom and a wife and trying to navigate all that we do, every once in a while, I feel like there’s just a bubble over of emotion, and we’re kind of discouraged, I think, from doing that in life, and sometimes you just have to. It might be unattractive and it might be a sad, ugly moment, but it has to happen. And it’s OK.”

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During the chat, Carrie also sounds off on the fall that left her with a broken wrist and injured face.

Cry Pretty, the album, drops September 14.

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