Woman Photographed with Carrie Underwood After Fall Speaks Out

The mystery surrounding Carrie Underwood’s gruesome injuries following her November fall at her home in Nashville continues to be on the minds of fans across the country.

The woman who posted the only photo of the country star in the wake of the accident has spoken to E! News about what she observed when she met Carrie and husband Mike Fisher after a workout class.

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"She seemed like she was in a great mood to me," says professional chef and Below Deck star Adrienne Gang, who posted the photo on December 12. "She didn't seem upset or sad or anything."

The “Something In the Water” singer revealed to fan club members in a year-end message that she had suffered not only a wrist injury in the fall but also one to her face, which, she says, received 40 to 50 stitches.

But Gang didn't see any sign of stitches.

"I didn't notice any stitches or scars or any kind of marks on her face at all," she goes on to say. "She didn't actually say anything to me to indicate that anything was wrong."

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In her note to fans, Carrie expressed uncertainty about how the surgery would impact her face, writing she “might look a bit different.”

“It’s crazy how a freak random accident can change your life,” she adds. 

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