Sam Hunt Is Adopting His Wife's Missionary Spirit

Sam Hunt loves his wife’s “heart for humanity.”

The country star shines a light on his relatively private personal life in a new Instagram photo of Mrs. Hunt, Hannah Lee Fowler, who he shares has performed missionary work in Honduras, Syria and Iraq.

“While I was in Nashville trying to get things going with music, Hannah was providing medical care to Hondurans during the 2009 coup. She was working in Syrian refugee camps and delivering Kurd babies in northern Iraq during the 2014 elections. She spent time in Israel where she helped with a feeding program and worked with Holocaust survivors,” Sam says.

He goes on to add Hannah has “put her ambitions on hold to be with [him]” in Nashville. But not for long.

“This winter, thanks to the people who’ve supported me and my music,” the “Body Like a Back Road” singer says, “I’m able to go with her and be a part of her dreams as they’ve become mine. If you’ve ever bought a record or come to a show, God bless you for giving us this opportunity.”

As fans await his sophomore record, Sam is featured on the soundtrack for NetflixBright, for which he covers the American standard “This Land Is Your Land.”

Bright begins streaming this month.

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