Kenny Chesney's First Taste of Rejection is Kind of Funny

If Kenny Chesney can’t land a date, there’s no hope for the rest of us.

The stadium king dropped by The Late Show with Seth Meyers this week and talked about the first time he felt rejection.

Kenny says...

“I was in a persuasion class. There was a girl sitting next to me that I was trying to persuade to go out with me. I thought that I would write her a song. I stayed up in my apartment off campus, and I tried to write this girl a song. Some of you may know what I cassette is... I put it down on a cassette. You know you had to hit play and record at the same time. I did that with my guitar and I took it to class the next day.” 

Well, the song must not have been “The Good Stuff” because her reaction was all bad.

KC continues...

“She sat right beside me in class. I slid it to her. I didn’t say anything, didn’t even look at her... So, class ends, I go home, come back the next day. Remember—she was sitting right here at this table. I walked in the class next day and she was sitting in the far corner of the class... It was literally my first taste of rejection in the music business.” 

Kenny’s being far from rejected by the Grammy Awards. His latest album Cosmic Hallelujah is up for Best Country Album. Watch the Grammys January 28 on CBS.

Photo: Getty Images

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