Kelsea Ballerini Fell In Love with Fiancee 'Three Weeks In'

When you know, you know.

As Kelsea Ballerini gears up to walk down the aisle this holiday season, she tells CMT’s Cody Alan she knew fiancée Morgan Evans was the one for her in no time at all.

“[I knew I wanted to marry him] three weeks in. I was done—super done, super quick,” Kelsea says.

Cody recalls his own conversation with the “Legends” singer early in her relationship with her Australian beau.

“I remember seeing you right after that and us having that conversation. You were like, ‘Cody, I met someone.’ You gave me that serious look,” he says.

Photo: Getty Images

Kelsea channeled her quickly developing love story into her new music.

“I wrote ‘Unapologetically’ like three weeks after I met Morgan—very quickly,” she says of the title track of her latest album. “That was kind of my song to myself of being like ‘If this is going to happen, which I knew it was and we’re public about it, everyone’s going to have an opinion.’”

She adds “the whole thing’s been nuts.”

Kelsea and Morgan plan to wed within the next few weeks. 

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