Exclusive: Little Big Town Shares Stories Behind 'The Breaker'

Little Big Town is breaking down The Breaker.

The country quartet sat down for an exclusive conversation with Cody about their eighth studio album in the latest episode of the CodyCast, revealing why the title track and a song called “Free” inspired the entire project.

“TJ Osborne from Brother Osborne and Connie Harrington wrote [‘The Breaker’],” the band’s Karen Fairchild tells Cody, “and it is a really beautiful and sad turn that you are the one breaking the heart. It’s so clever and good, so we started off the record with the thought of that song being on there.”

“Free,” on the other hand, takes a lighter approach.

“Everything that really matters is free and the memories you have,” Karen says. Adds Phillip Sweet, “Free drove the nature of this record.”

Keeping with happier of themes, “Happy People” gives the band an opportunity to comment on the current political climate in the United States. 


“‘Happy People’ is a social commentary of what is going on in this chaotic world of ours, and it is so relevant for what we need right now ... You have to just be aware of what is going on in this world. I think people will relate to this song and the chaos and unrest.”

The members of Little Big Town had a hand in writing only three of The Breaker’s 12 tracks, adding “a lot of the record you’re hearing is a lot of songs from our friends.” One of those outside tracks is “We Went to the Beach.”

“We heard ‘We Went to the Beach,’ which was a very sentimental song about family memories of going to the beach, and I think you can almost smell what the beach smells like when listening to that song. That was something that inspired us.” 

Perhaps Little Big Town’s most famous friend, Taylor Swift, gave “Better Man” to the group, and it became the album’s first single.

“There are a lot of sentimental nostalgic tracks to this record—and breaking through or being the breaker. Obviously, ‘Better Man’ is about being broken in a not so fun way,” Karen shares.

The Breaker drops February 24. Little Big Town kicks off their residency at the Ryman the same day.

The Breaker Tracklisting

1.       "Happy People"

2.       "Night On Our Side"

3.       "Lost in California" 

4.       "Free"

5.       "Drivin' Around"     

6.       "We Went To the Beach" 

7.       "Better Man"

8.       "Rollin'"       

9.       "Don't Die Young, Don't Get Old"         

10.     "Beat Up Bible"      

11.     "When Someone Stops Loving You"    

12.     "The Breaker"        

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