Cody Cast: Hunter Hayes Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of His 1st Album

On this episode of the Cody Cast podcast, Hunter Hayes is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his debut self-titled album, and Cody Alan is asking all of the burning questions! It's an "album celebration conversation" chock full of fun facts like, "Did you know that Hunter wrote 'What You Gonna Do (When I Am Gone) at fourteen years old?" or "He wrote or co-wrote every track on the album and you plays every instrument we hear?" It's all true! 

Listen to hear the "Wanted" singer reflect on making the album that earned him three Grammy nominations and made him a household name among country music fans. 

PLUS: Cody asks the one question he "HATES" to ask, only for Hunter to reveal an answer that Cody now wants to put on a bumper sticker.

Celebrate with Hunter and Cody by listening to their entertaining, unedited, raw conversation.

Photo Credit: Hunter Hayes.