Darius Rucker Says, 'I Watch Football Like A Religion'

Over the weekend, Darius Rucker summed up what every Miami Dolphin fan was thinking in two words.

"Football sucks!!!!!!!" tweets the country star after his Dolphins got slaughtered by the Buffalo Bills in a 35-1 loss.

Although his famous lyric "The Dolphins make me cry" may have come true, he didn't mean it.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the country superstar and sports fanatic shared that it would take a lot more nail-biting moments for him to stop watching football.

"When football is being played on Saturday and Sunday and Thursday, it just feels like all is right with the world," laughs Darius.

"When I know that there's a game on Thursday night, I go, "Tuesday and Wednesday is not that bad," says the country star before joking that he was lobbying the NFL for more game days.

"I am trying to petition the NFL to play every day," says the "Don't Think I Don't Think About It" singer. "I love it so much!"

"I love watching it that sometimes it's hard to get me to go on stage because usually, you know, we play on the weekends. Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, there is football on. It's hard to get me motivated to go on stage," laughs Darius. "Once you hit the stage, you are fine. I am always like, "Five more minutes!" and they are like, "No! We gotta go now." It affects me a lot."

"I watch football like a religion," jokes the country star.

When not rooting for the Dolphins, Darius is pulling for Cody's favorite team, the South Caroline Gamecocks. So who are you rooting for this season? Let Cody Alan know on Twitter or Instagram at @CodyAlan.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.