Hunter Hayes Reveals Odd Jobs That He Just Wasn’t Good At

Country singer Hunter Hayes can play over 30 instruments and scored his first platinum record at the young age of 20. While his list of professional accolades and awards is lengthy, it does not boast much in the scope of “normal jobs.”

In an interview with Cody Alan, Hunter revealed that one of the hardest tasks he had to tackle to make the music video for “Heartbreak” was learning how to mop a floor.

Hunter was a good sport in the video process and gave it a valiant effort. “I didn’t know how to do. I had never really done it, and I had to look like I knew what I was doing.” Hunter laughs as he proclaims that his music video also doubles as a YouTube tutorial for “How To Mop A Floor For The First Time.”

Hunter also shared that he also held another exciting job. Teaming up with his dad for a summer, Hunter tackled the art of landscaping. Hunter is still debating on whether he was an excellent fit or if the summer’s greenery didn’t need much attention. Sequentially, he lasted three days.

Listen to the video below to hear Hunter recount the “odd jobs” that ultimately led him to invest 100% of his time and efforts into playing music. Good choice, Hunter. You’re doing great.

Happy Labor Day!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.