Old Dominion Floats Story Behind ‘I Was On A Boat That Day’

Summer of 2021 really set sail once Old Dominion delivered their smash hit, “I Was On A Boat That Day.”

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Old Dominion revealed that the breezy breakup song actually set sail as a joke.

“Well, for us, it was time. It was time to be happy! For us, it was time to be a little silly and play a little bit,” says Matthew Ramsey of the band.

“We wrote the whole project out in Asheville, NC. The whole process was wake up in the morning, have breakfast, and record it later in the afternoon or the evening,” continues Matthew.

“That song was the title of a song that we have been kicking around for like six years,” says Matthew. “It sort of became a joke because we never wrote it fully, and we would always bring it up and laugh about it. And, it was brought up again as a joke, and then Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne were like, “That’s not a joke, that’s actually a really good title,” and they convinced us to write it.”

Riding the waves of a good buzz and leaving their worries at the dock, Matthew says the band made the decision to “Drink a lot of tequila and then record the song.”

Fun Fact: Old Dominion shot this Miami-Vice style photo in Kenny Chesney’s backyard. See the pic below.

Get your summer fix and add a little accordion flavor to your day by taking a listen to the song now.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.