Lauryn's List: Top 9 Signs You Are Older, According To Millennials

Millennials are throwing shade at the older generations, and I am a little offended!

Thanks to a new poll, I have the Millennials' breakdown of the things we are doing that are a tell-tale sign we are of an older generation.  

To be clear, a millennial is anyone born between 1981 and 1996. However, as a millennial myself, I would also like to say that I do most of these things and feel very spry and youthful.

As disgruntled as I am to report the millennials' findings, here is what they say are the "Top 9 Signs You Are Older" and my thoughts on each response.

  1. Carry cash in your wallet or purse. 
    1. Thoughts: I thought this meant you were fiscally responsible? 
  2. Getting bills through the mail. 
    1. Thoughts: Sometimes paper statements are necessary!
  3. Writing lists with pen and paper. 
    1. Thoughts: Ok, I feel attacked with this 'Lauryn's List.' 
  4. Describing a tune as 'banging.'
    1. Thoughts: I can honestly say I have never done that.
  5. Still being on Facebook. 
    1. Thoughts: How are you supposed to "poke" people? 
  6. Reading books.
    1. Call me Belle from Beauty & The Beast. I dream of having an in-home library. 
  7. Talking on the phone. 
    1. I love a real-time phone conversation!
  8. Dating in real life.
    1. Swiping is for the lazy. 
  9. Eating Dairy.
    1. If I were ever a queen, I would be a queen of dairy, a minor sidestep of "Dairy Queen." 

In my conclusion, I think we look to millennials for advice more often than we probably should.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.