Jane Lynch Shows Kelly Clarkson Her ‘Go To’ Dance Move

Jane Lynch specializes in playing strong, powerful, and often tyrannical personalities on TV. Although her on-screen persona is fiercely dominant, Jane had no issues dropping in with Kelly Clarkson in October of 2020 to reveal her silly side, showcasing her “go-to” dance move.

See Jane’s “Unintentional Hoedown” dance break by clicking the video below.  

Celebrating her 61st birthday today (July 14), Jane shared with Cody Alan that her friendship with Kelly is genuine. 

“Kelly Clarkson has been on Hollywood Game Night, and I have been on her talk show,” Jane shared during their interview. “I have been on her talk show four times now. I even got a “Kelly Clarkson” satin jacket that says “Clarkson” on the back. She’s a friend. She is a lovely girl. We support each other in our careers.”

Happy birthday, Jane! Here’s to many more years of busting moves and chops!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.