Darius Rucker Reveals His Nerdiest Hobby

Being nerdy is the new cool, and Darius Rucker is proud to say he is a big geek.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the self-proclaimed 'dork' and award-winning singer shared his nerdiest hobby.

"It's pretty cheesy. It's pretty nerdy," says Darius with a bashful undertone. "I don't know if I told you about this before, but I read about 15 different comic books a month."

"I am a real dork. I am a real nerd," laughs the "Beers And Sunshine" singer.  

This is news to Cody, who is also a huge fan of superheroes and cites Superman as his favorite.  

"My favorites are Wolverine and The Punisher, and like, Captain America is always really good, laughs the country star. "I am a dork man. I can't help it."

Knowing this fun fact about Darius Rucker will certainly make us feel more connected at his live shows. Catch Darius on the road this summer by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.