Lauryn's List: Top 10 Ice Cream Flavors Of 2021

Want a fun fact about ice cream?

59% of Americans say they prefer to eat ice cream ALONE with no one else around.

I don't know if this stat has more to do with not wanting to share or not wanting to be JUDGED, but either way, I don't know many people who can turn down a scoop, regardless of the flavor.

Were you wondering about the top favorite flavors? Me too, and here they are. 

1. Chocolate – 17%

2. Vanilla – 15%

3. Strawberry – 8%

4. Mint Chocolate Chip – 8%

5. Butter Pecan – 8%

6. Other – 8%

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – 6%

8. Cookies n' Cream – 6%

9. Rocky Road – 4%

10. Coffee – 4%

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.