Dierks Bentley Gives Aspiring Pilot Dustin Lynch Flight Tips

Cody Alan and Dierks Bentley have been stashing their Southwest drink coupons, and they are ready to use them.

"Basically, for Southwest, it's going to be like, "OK, FREE DRINKS!" laughs Dierks. "They aren't going to be making any money off of alcohol for like five years! We all have so many drink coupons."

The "Drunk On A Plane" singer not only sings about flying but says it was "love at first flight" after his mom purchased a "Discover Flight" at a school auction when he was 13. Dierks hasn't come down since.  

As a country singing, guitar picking, licensed pilot, Dierks had some advice to share with fellow country star Dustin Lynch after Cody revealed that Dustin has been learning to fly as well.

"Wow! That's amazing! I had no idea!" says Dierks.

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"Don't get drunk on the plane unless you are sitting in the back," laughs the "What Was I Thinkin'" singer. "That would be advice number one. That's important."

"Don't be hungover either," says Dierks. "That's not a good way to go either. You have to watch out for that."

Dierks has set touring plans for 2021, announcing his 'Beers On Me Tour,' which kicks off August 13th. Should Cody offer to do a FLY-along with Dierks and Dustin? Connect with Cody and let him know on Twitter at @CodyAlan.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.