Lily Rose Finds Stardom While Side-Hustling

Contrary to popular belief, Lily Rose isn't exactly an "Overnight Sensation."

The country starlet was discovered on TikTok with her viral single, "Villain," which spiraled her to the top of the all-genre charts, but Lily has been creating music and performing for years in hopes of becoming a star.

Lily's relentless pursuit of music has led her to take on several interesting side gigs.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the "Villain" singer explained how she went from side hustles to stardom just in the nick of time.

"So, I had worked a ton of part-time jobs, even through the pandemic, and picked up the grocery delivery," says Lily. "It was November 30th, so right after Thanksgiving, and I was delivering in [Nashville], and my car battery died."

"I didn't have a whole lot of money in my bank account, but I had enough to get AAA over," shares the country star. "I was left with nine bucks, but the cool thing about delivering groceries is that it is instant pay, so I was like, "Ok, I can then go work all day and try and get things back." And the next day, 'Villain' went viral.

The viral moment helped open up doors for Lily in the music industry, landing her in front of Back Blocks Music.

Rakiyah Marshall had just left BMG and just started her company, Back Blocks, and she actually told me "No," that she didn't have the bandwidth to sign me as an artist or publishing. She was my first call when Villain went viral," says Lily. "Now she manages me. Which is pretty funny." 

Listen to Lily's newest release, "Overnight Sensation," by clicking HERE

Check out Cody and Lily's full conversation on the Cody Cast podcast, linked below. 

Photo Credit: Anthony Stone / BIG LOUD.