Brothers Osborne's TJ Osborne Surprised By Love After Coming Out

Truly putting yourself out there can be scary no matter who you are. 

Just ask TJ Osborne of Brothers Osborne. The 36-year-old came out as gay in February and told Cody Alan he didn't know what to expect once the news was revealed. 

The level of love and support that followed left him pleasantly surprised, however, and he remains happy with his decision.

"I knew obviously that my friends and family would have my back, and probably artists in the community who I've been friends with, but [the positive response] did surprise me a lot," TJ says. "It's actually been such a small number of people who have said anything mean. Of course, they're out there, but I knew that going into it."

The beardless Osborne has been especially surprised at how comfortable he is talking about it publicly since revealing the news in Time

"Before, I wanted to put this out there, and kind of move on and it be a part of who I am, but not the biggest thing," TJ explains, noting that he first saw the article as a way to do just that. "It was kind of like, 'Hey, if you want to know about it, read that,'" he explains. "But no, it's a bigger part of me than I ever gave it credit for. I should feel comfortable talking about it, and I do." 

Moreover, bringing visibility to his story and others like it has become more important as the weeks have passed. "The more I talk about it, the more it's normalized," TJ continues. "And that's how it should be."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.