Why Is Miranda Lambert’s Husband "Gloating”?

Miranda Lambert is settling the score on who in her household picked “Settling Down” to be the next single off her ‘Wild Card’ album.

Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t her.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Miranda shared, “I love “Settling Down.” It’s my husband’s favorite song on the record, and he is just gloating because he kept saying, “I am calling it! I am calling it! “Settling Down” is going to be the next single.” Sure enough, I got on a zoom call with the label, and he was right!”

The reflective, mid-tempo acoustic track finds the singer at a crossroads deciding on big choices. 

“It’s a great song,” says Miranda. “And, it’s exactly the emotion that I have right now. As much as I love being home, I love that my car has a hitched airstream to it, and I can get out of town anytime that I need to or want to.”

“I think that all of us who have that restless spirit sort of struggle with wanting to be home so badly. And, then, you are for a long time, and then you have this need to roam around and see the country,” Miranda says candidly. “This song just said that, in a pretty way.”

Want to be the biggest “Ran Fan” in the room? Get the inside scoop from Miranda’s “Settling Down” music video by clicking the link below.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.