Canaan Smith Transformed His Garage Into Recording Studio

Inspiration can come from almost anywhere.

For Canaan Smith, creative vibes come from his garage, which he has transformed into a home studio.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the country singer revealed the "glamourous" truth behind recording music these days.

"There are, like, insulated walls that I built," says Canaan. "I turn my mic around, sing towards the panels, hit record on the keyboard, throw a blanket over my head and the microphone, and I sing vocals out here."

Canaan continued to share that he recorded 50 percent of his album, 'High Country Sound,' from his home studio. Sounds pretty good, if you ask us!

Check it out for yourself. 'High Country Sound' is available everywhere music is heard.

High Country Sound Tracklisting: 

1. "Grounded."

 2. "Mason Jars & Fireflies."

 3. "Colder Than You."

 4. "High Country."

 5. "Catch Me If You Can" (with Brent Cobb.)

 6. "Cabin In The Woods."

 7. "American Dream."

 8. "Sweet Virginia."

 9. "Still."

 10. "Like I Ain't Missin' You."

 11. "Highway Blues."

 12. "Losin' Sleep Over A Girl."

Photo Credit: Sweet Talk Publicity / Kurt Ozan.