Michael Ray's Favorite Kitchen Hack Inspires Us To Cook More

Michael Ray makes fitness and nutrition look easy.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the "Whiskey And Rain" singer revealed his favorite kitchen appliance and after his rave review, we are inspired to try it!

"I will tell you what, my bus driver got me an instant pot. Have you got one of these things?" asked Michael.

"I don't have an instant pot," shared Cody. "But, I do have an air fryer. It's changed my world."

"I feel like that's the new great divide," laughs the country star. "The air fryer vs. the Instant Pot. I think if Crock Pot went away for a while and did some work on itself and came back out in 2020, that would be the Instant Pot. I love it! This isn't your grandmother's crockpot is basically what I am saying."

Michael is ready to enjoy the summertime by firing up the grill, dropping something healthy in his instant pot, and inviting people over to watch baseball games again. Go, Cubs!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.