Brantley Gilbert Breaks His Own Rules With New Tattoo Sleeve

Don’t let Brantley Gilbert’s rugged, tough exterior fool you. He has a huge heart and is more like a teddy bear than a holy terror.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Brantley reveals what he did to ensure he always remembers 2020.

Spoiler Alert: Tattoos. 'A LOT' of tattoos.

“For the longest, and I think I have talked to you about it, like, I was going to leave my right arm “blank,” you know. I said, I was going to leave that open, so my kids knew what my skin looked like,” laughs Brantley. “It is now sleeved out. It’s done. I did a bunch of stuff on my back too.”

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“Really, honestly, I’ve caught up on a lot of tattoo work,” jokes the singer. “I have the state of Georgia on my shoulder. My right arm is kind of my patriotic arm. It started with the flag and the declaration and worked our way up from there.”

When not getting tattoos or spending time with his wife and kids, the country singer crafted the ultimate man cave at his home.

Calling his tricked-out space, the “Dawg House,” Brantley reveals what’s happening inside of his garage! Listen to the Cody Cast podcast below to get the scoop, plus find out why Cody and Brantley are cry-laughing over his newest product, “Brantley Gilbert Selects.”

Photo Credit: EB Media PR / Jeff Nelson.