Which Member Of Lady A Has The Better 'Dad Bod,' According to Hillary?

New research confirms that women are lusting over "Dad Bods." 60% of women surveyed in a recent poll named the "Dad Bod" as the most attractive body type.

With numbers like that, Cody Alan had to confirm and cued up this hot topic with Lady A's Hillary Scott in hopes that she could offer some professional insight.

Hillary offers a unique perspective on this topic.

The country star is married to a chiseled, athletic, handsome man, while her bandmates Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood are attractive in their own rite.

Charles is a tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed stud who is proud of his beer belly attributes.

Dave Haywood is a handsome head-turner with raven hair, dark stormy eyes, and an added layer of hair protecting his "father figure" body type.

Charles and Dave have great "dad bods" to fawn over, but which bandmate would Hillary say earns the best "dad bod" award? Round up on her well-rounded response by watching the video below.

Photo Credit: CMT Radio.