Remember When Reba McEntire Approved 'Corn Dogs'

If you have ever needed the approval to eat a corn dog, Reba McEntire has given us the big thumbs up. 

“National Corn Dog Day” is rounding near. Celebrated on March 20th, the holiday is one that was founded by basketball enthusiasts. The corn dog, which consists of a hot dog sausage wrapped in a thick cornbread batter and then fried, is a food fan favorite. While the jury’s still out on knowing exactly who invented the corn dog, one thing is sure: It’s about as American as food items get.

It’s so delicious, in fact, that even country music icons approves. 

If you ever needed a reason to be more envious of Reba's life, peek the pic of her eating a corn dog on a private jet below.  

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.