Maren Morris Teases New Album

Maren Morris and her husband Ryan Hurd recently dropped into Cody Alan’s “Zoom Room” to deliver a music update that every country fan has been awaiting. New music is on the way!

“I started writing a couple of months ago for it,” reveals Maren. “I’ve recorded a handful of songs, and you know, the direction is starting to take a really cool turn.”

“I think that the beauty of it right now is that I don’t have to have a deadline to turn this album in,” Maren continued. “It’s really just about being creative right now and seeing what comes out in the room.”

While Maren didn’t deliver a release date, she did share a little teaser into what styles of music she is currently gravitating toward with this album saying, “It’s really rootsy, country, but kind of rock at the same time.”

Watch the video below to hear what Maren shares first hand, and watch her husband Ryan gush with excitement over Maren’s new project.

We are all cued up with anticipation.

Photo Credit: CMT Radio.