Dustin Lynch 'Pilots' A New Hobby

What do Dustin Lynch, Tim McGraw, and Dierks Bentley have in common? Well, besides being three of country music's biggest stars, they're also holding a license to fly airplanes!

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the "Momma's House" singer shared his favorite advantage to his vantage point.

"I have been traveling a lot, and the pilot's license will allow me actually to visit my farms more frequently," says Dustin. "I have a couple of places that are really tough to get to if you are flying commercial."

"They're even tough to get to by bus," reveals the country star. So, I think getting my pilot's license and being able to jump over to the plane to get to the farm is going to allow me to enjoy those a lot more."

Dustin's ability to reach new heights allows him also to set his sights on more hunting opportunities.

"I love the process of creating better habitat," reveals Dustin. "I love to deer hunt, and I love to turkey hunt. That's what I eat. I really do. I love the farm-to-table lifestyle, and all my neighbors around me do as well! We kind of work together and have a little community where it pretty much is self-sustainable, and I really take pride in that."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.