Travis Barker Surprises Viral TikTok Drummer And His Infant Daughter: Watch

Marcel Desobeau and his "Heavy Metal Baby," 7-month-old daughter Lane, have been melting hearts on TikTok with their drum covers of Deftones, Papa Roach, Korn, Metallica, Godsmack and more. Their videos went viral and caught the attention of Drew Barrymore, who invited them on her show last week. The segment began normally enough, with the actress/talk show host asking how the father/daughter duo came to be.

“We were just hanging out at the kitchen table one morning and I just randomly said,​ ‘Hey, let’s make a video!’ ” he explained. ​“We were just having fun at the kitchen table and, sure enough, here we are.”

Little did Desobeau know that she had a little surprise for him. His idol Travis Barker was standing by. When the blink-182 drummer virtually patched into the broadcast, he thanked Desobeau — who's also a firefighter and paramedic — ​for his work during the pandemic. Then he gave little Lane some insight on how he started drumming.

“I started playing drums when I was three or four,” he said,​ “and we couldn’t afford a drum kit but we just had pots and pans, and that was my drum set for years – for like a good three years."

“I mean, it seems like she already enjoys it, so that’s a good sign!” he added. ​“That’s all I wanted to do – that’s the only thing that put a smile on my face.”

Watch the heartwarming interaction above and check out Desobeau and Lane's TikTok channel here.