Haim Reveal How Long It Took For Taylor Swift To Write Her 'Gasoline' Verse

Last month Haim released a remix of "Gasoline," their latest Women in Music Pt. III single, featuring the self-proclaimed "4th Haim Sister" Taylor Swift. During a cover story with Porter magazine, Danielle Haim went into a little more detail about how their longtime friend's verse came to be, revealing that they received Swift's contribution less than 24 hours after asking her to be a part of the remix.

“She has always loved that song,” Danielle recalled, “so we thought it would be cool if she reimagined it. We texted her and she replied straight away. The next morning, it was in our inbox.”

Haim and Swift first collaborated together on the evermore track "No Body, No Crime;" however, they've been friends for years and even toured together during Tay's1989 era.

"We can’t figure out why we hadn’t collaborated sooner. We’ve toured together, played live together, choreographed dances like we’re at summer camp, but it took a song about avenging your friend’s murder to give us the idea to take this step," Swift confessed to Entertainment Weekly back in December. "Long story short, I’m the 4th Haim sister now, confirmed."

All four sisters will be performing during the 2021 Grammy Awards on March 14 (which also happens to be Este Haim's birthday) and will be going up against each other for Album Of The Year (Swift's folklore against Haim's WIMPIII).

Photo: Getty Images