Lauryn's List: 5 Kitchen Hacks To Dice Your Daily Routine

Since the pandemic started, we've been cooking at home a lot.

Unfortunately, most of us are reporting that we have not been very adventurous and have been buying mostly things that are ready to be cooked. But once in a while, we feel extra daring and decide to cook from scratch.

Lauryn Snapp is here with 5 things we could all do differently to improve our skills in the kitchen and make the mealtime routine a little easier.

Feel free to steal these tricks!

5 Kitchen Hacks To Dice Your Daily Routine:  

1. Stop using dull knives. You're more likely to cut yourself, and cutting with dull knives is exhausting.

2. Cut your vegetables evenly. The more evenly they're cut, the more evenly they'll cook.

3. Stop leaving your pots and pans to clean at the end. It can be overwhelming, so try to clean a few as you go.

4. Don't frequently open the oven to check the food. Opening the oven door lets the heat out, and then the stove has to preheat again.

5. Taste things as they're cooking. If they're off when it comes to taste, you'll have time to fix them.

Lauryn is still stretching her skills in the kitchen, but progress is progress right? Check out her post below. Spoiler Alert: No kitchen fires were reported in making pie.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.