Brooke Eden Sheds Light Behind Her Latest 'No Shade' Video

Brooke Eden is radiant.

Reintroducing herself, Brooke has recently released a vibrant new video to compliment her "No Shade" single.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Brooke explains why making this tropical sunshine slated video in her hometown of Loxahatchee, Florida, meant so much to her.

"So, I actually got to bring my whole creative team from Nashville down to my hometown in Florida," says the singer. "We recorded this video at the tiki bar that I had started singing at when I was trying to save up money when I was trying to move to Nashville."

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"This was like my Saturday afternoon residence," reveals Brooke. "I would go there every Saturday afternoon and play a four-hour set, and those were my people. Like, those people at that tiki bar were "my people."

"It was a really cool place for me to play new stuff and see what people reacted to. It was a mix of covers and my original stuff."

Brooke's "No Shade" is a follow-up to her previous single, "Act Like You Don't," which follows the final moments of a toxic relationship. "No Shade" is about leaving that relationship and "finding your light again."

Brooke will be lighting up the night with Cody every Wednesday through the month of March as his "Next Woman" spotlight artist. Listen in to get to know this star better by finding your CMT Radio station at

Photo Credit: Getty Images.