Maren Morris + Ryan Hurd Love Watching 'Kid TV'

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd are having the time of their lives raising their son Hayes.

The couple recently joined Cody Alan, where they shared a baby update and revealed that their TV binge habits have been recently affected.

"I don't want to have "Game Of Thrones" on if he is in the room," laughs Maren. "But, I am excited to get into the kid's shows!"

"So many people have given us suggestions. We just got turned on to 'Peppa Pig,' and I love watching old episodes of 'Mr. Rogers Neighborhood' and 'Sesame Street.' I love that kid element of it."

Over a year ago, Maren made a stop on 'Sesame Street' to join the cast for an episode titled "Let's Draw." While she was there, she performed a special song to encourage young viewers not to give up when the going seems tough.

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While that may have been a career highlight for the country/pop superstar, Ryan also had a shining moment on 'Sesame Street.'

"There's a video! We were there on my birthday," reveals Ryan. "There's a video of all of them singing happy birthday to me, which is truly my greatest birthday moment ever!"

"Hopefully, we get to go back there at some point with Hayes," Maren smiles. "We will never get a year like this, ever again in his life. We hope another pandemic doesn't happen, but the upside is that we have gotten to spend all of this time and really witness all of his milestones."

Watch Ryan's birthday bash video below. Have you ever seen an adult smile bigger?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.