Who Drinks More: Kelsea Ballerini or Morgan Evans?

While Kelsea Ballerini has been poppin’ bottles and blasting her way up the charts with her 6th number one hit, “Hole In The Bottle,” her husband Morgan Evans has been known to tip a few back!

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Kelsea set the record straight on who can handle their alcohol better.

“So, I probably drink more consistently than he does. That probably sounds bad,” laughs Kelsea. “But, what I mean by that, is like, I love a glass of wine with dinner. Right? So, I’ll probably drink more nights a week than he does, but when he commits…he COMMITS.”

According to research, Australians rank as the 19th leader in alcohol consumption worldwide. Being from Tennessee, Kelsea can handle her own.

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Tip a few back and cue up “Hole In The Bottle” by clicking the link below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.