Actor/Comedian Kevin James Says The Mustache Is Real

Kevin James and his mustache are back and rarin' to go in his new Netflix show 'The Crew.' 

On the heels of Kevin's new role as a NASCAR crew chief who swerves off track when a new boss takes over and shakes things up in the garage, Kevin joined Cody Alan to reveal that his facial hair is indeed authentic. 

"Always homegrown," laughs the "Mall Cop" actor. "I will tell you why because they use this stuff called "Spirit Gum" for a fake one, and it literally buries your lip, and I can't stand it. So, I always go homegrown."

The real question here is, what does Kevin's wife think of the hairy situation? Kevin shared the answers to that question too.

"She and my kids make fun of me," laughs the actor. "Not a big fan. Not a huge fan. It looks a little goofy, but she plays with it."

We can't decide whether Kevin James has set the bar exceedingly high or low for a healthy upper lip stache. Let Cody Alan know where you stand on the hairy situation by connecting with him on Twitter at @CodyAlan. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images.