Kelsea Ballerini Says 'I Hate Running' + Shares 2021 Goals

Kelsea Ballerini is approaching 2021 with bright eyes and big goals.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the "Hole In The Bottle" singer shared her plan and dropped a few fitness tips that everyone can get behind.

"Last year was hard. It just was," says Kelsea. "For everyone in different ways and similar ways. I think mentally, personally, caused a lot of anxiety, like, dabbled in depression. I think a lot of people felt that."

But, Kelsea refuses to let the past 12 months bring her down.

"I think I am kind of like, "Well, 2021 kind of feels like all of the sudden nobody waved a magic wand, and it became better. So, what am I in control of?" I am in control of my health," says the singer. "So, let me kind of focus on that and do what I can to reset from the inside out."

"So, yeah, I doubled up on therapy, and I am eating really healthy and working out, and I am feeling really good," Kelsea says with a laugh. "I am feeling a little more in control, which is nice."

Kelsea went on to share her favorite fitness tip that she hopes will help others as well!

"Find what you like to do," says the "Miss Me More" singer candidly. "I hate running, so I don't run!"

"I never want working out to feel like I have done something wrong. You know what I mean?" laughs Kelsea. "I want it to be something that I am doing because I am doing something great for myself. Weight training? I like it. Soul Cycle? I love!"

"I have a soul cycle upstairs, and the little LED light around the room, and I turn the lights off, and the music is really loud. I love it," Kelsea proclaims. "I think just find something you enjoy doing and don't worry about the rest."

Kelsea is celebrating a number one this week with "Hole In The Bottle." Catch up with Kelsea by watching her join Cody in the Zoom Room by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.