Country Singer Brooke Eden Comes Out As Gay

Brooke Eden is reintroducing herself, and fans are excited to see her casting new light with her new song, “No Shade,” and shining authentically in her love life.  

The country star, known for her bubbly personality and “ray of sunshine” nature, recently took to social media to share a big secret that she had been hiding.  

“I guess I’ve never really told our story,” says Brook in her caption on Instagram, which features sweet photos of Brooke and her longtime girlfriend, Hilary Hoover.

“I started by posting pictures of us without captions. Then started using vague words to describe who she was to me. Finally, a little over a year ago, I got comfortable enough to tell y’all who she really is @hilary_hoover —the love of my life. The journey hasn’t been easy, but our love always has. This is just the beginning of us sharing our story. Now, almost all of my songs about her, and you’ll get to hear some very soon.” 

Cody Alan has been a Brooke fan for years and, after coming out in 2017, was elated to see the announcement. 

“So thrilled to see you sharing your love story with the world and living out loud through your authenticity. Here for all of it!” says Cody. 

Brooke’s new song, “No Shade,” will be available everywhere on Friday, February 5th. As part of her three-part reintroduction, each of the three tracks will be released in the coming month and will feature glimpses into her musical and personal journey. Brooke is ready to break barriers and standout with punchy tracks that exude self-confidence and acceptance.

See Brooke’s love story announcement by watching the video below.

Congrats Brooke and Hilary!

Want a throwback pic from 2017? See Cody and Brooke act casual as they hang in the pool during Luke Bryan's 'Crash My Playa' festival by clicking below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.