Dylan Scott's 5 Most Underrated Song Lyrics

It's easy to get "hooked" by Dylan Scott's deep, southern drawl and gravelly smooth voice, but Dylan is leaving behind more than goosebumps with his songs.

Seemingly underrated, here are 5 Dylan Scott lyrics that will stop you in your tracks and make you steal it for your next Instagram caption.

1.) "Hooked"

The Standout Lyric:

"All night long. Like a hit song,

On the radio. You already know,

The way it goes,

All it took was a look,

And I was hooked on."

2.) "Nothing To Do Town"

The Standout Lyric:

"It's just a little town square, middle of nowhere,

Ain't even big enough to be a map dot,

We ain't got a lot, but we sure do a lot,

With the little bit that we got."

3.) "My Girl"

The Standout Lyric:

"Every night before she goes to bed,

She hits her knees and bows her head,

Thanks to the Lord for another day,

I just thank him for my girl."

4.) "Nobody"

The Standout Lyric:

"I know how you like your coffee,

And how hot you like your bath,

I know what makes you angry,

And what makes you laugh."

5.) "Can't Take Her Anywhere"

The Standout Lyric:

"All the fellas getting jealous up in this bar.

It's kinda like I got my own little superstar."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.