7 Shirtless Country Stars That You Must See Right Now

Fact: Country stars love finding themselves in warmer weather and higher temperatures often mean fewer clothes.

Here are 7 country stars who are sizzling through the chilly January conditions and helping us stay on track with our health-focused New Year resolutions.  

Ready yourself now for this steamy list. 

Number One: Kenny Chesney.

“No Shoes. No Shirt. No Problem,” no truer words have been said. Kenny Chesney is possibly the most frequently spotted shirtless star. Kenny’s beach obsession has built his everlasting bronze glow allowing him to authentically live up to the “songs, salt, and shirtless” dream life he often shares in his music videos. 

Number Two: Billy Currington.

Billy boy, you are doing something right. You’re not wearing a shirt, again, and we approve.

Number Three: Jake Owen.

Jake is easily the Matthew McConaughey of country music. After accidentally ripping his PANTS onstage, Jake’s quick-thinking crew used his shirt to cover the “problem area” leaving him to finish the set shirtless. We think that this crafty crew found a solid solution to the "issue" at hand! 

Number Four: Dustin Lynch.

Dustin Lynch’s smile is enough to catch anyone’s attention. However, don't let the dazzling smile hinder your gaze. This country boy is built like a brick house. Luke Bryan calls him the "shirtless monster" and It is rumored that Dustin makes calls via Facetime shirtless on a regular basis. We will be right here waiting for the call.

Watch the video below to see,Luke Bryan unleash the "shirtless monster" via Twitter.  

Number Five: Tim McGraw.

Steadfast fitness and nutrition routines have been good to Tim McGraw. His built upper body and bronze glow gives him the right to bear (and bare) arms. Faith Hill, you’re a very lucky lady.

Number Six: Cody Alan

This country music loving fella burns up the iHeart radio airwaves nightly and averages an estimated 30,000 steps during the day, thanks to his pooch Teddy. He is fit! Cody modestly downplays his rock solid beach bod, but his fans know the truth. Here is Cody serving up a strong sweat-sesh selfie reminding us to all drink our water today.

Number Seven: Eric Decker.

Eric makes the list because let's face it, we still aren't over the Instagram post that his smokin' hot wife, Jessie James Decker shared this week.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.