Little Big Town Tips One Back + Shares Their 1st Adult Beverage Stories

Little Big Town is popping bottles and serving 'Wine, Beer, Whiskey' in their latest song. Not only a summertime smash but, let's be honest, this song has our favorite horn line ever. Take a listen below. 

While this famous foursome brings the party, here's what Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Phillip Sweet, and Jimi Westbrook recently told Cody Alan about their first taste of adult beverages. 

Kimberly Schlapman: "My first drink, I didn't know what I was drinking," says Kimberly. "Karen and I were on this tour in college, and we went to Jamaica to sing for churches down there, and we stayed in host homes. It was time to eat supper, and the lady of the house offered me Christmas punch. I had never even smelled alcohol in my whole life. I grew up Southern Baptist. So, I had a sip of this Christmas punch, and I didn't like at all how it tasted, but there again, being a good Baptist girl with manners, I sipped on it. She's like, "Oh! You don't like my Christmas punch!" and I was like, "Ohhh, yeah! I like it! I like it!" And, I drank the whole thing, and I ended up being very tipsy at 18 years old. Not even knowing what I was drinking, and the girl, Laura and I went to the bedroom and laid on the bed and just giggled and giggled and giggled."

Jimi Westbrook: "I had parents who liked to have parties and friends over all of the time, and they would be drinking. And, I remember, distinctly, I was 3 years old," laughs Jimi. "They were all distracted laughing, and I went into the kitchen, and there was an open bottle of Wild Turkey, and so I didn't know what it was and I grabbed it and took a swig, and it took me back. I can't drink Wild Turkey to this day."

Karen Fairchild: "Mine was one of those introductory drinks," reveals Karen. "Like, a fuzzy navel or something. Boring fruity."

Phillip Sweet: "My first drink was a bottle of a Mad Dog 2020," says Phillip. "Orange jubilee. That is your gas station's variety of alcohol. I had to go across the country line to pick up anything to drink, but somebody had brought it, though. So, I put it in a Hardee's cup because we only had a Hardees in our town. I had to drink it through a straw, that's not good, that will really mess you up. I remember sitting in the backseat, saying, "I don't feel this at all." The next thing I knew, I was lying in the back seat saying, "Oh my God. What did I do to myself."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.