Chris Young Namechecks His Most Famous Friends

Chris Young and Kane Brown are celebrating their longtime friendship.

Chris and Kane recently teamed up to highlight their tight pal status on their new collaboration, "Famous Friends," but in a recent interview with Cody Alan, Chris says that the story behind the song is just like a good friendship – it's easy and requires very little fluff.

"I just sent [Kane] a text message," revealed Chris. "Everybody is like, "Well, what was the big story?" And, I'm like, "I sent it to him, and he liked it. That was it."

Chris credits his real-life friendship with Kane to another fellow country musician who he also considers a good buddy. 

"Well, you know, Kane mentioned in an interview the other day that one of his first concerts was me and Brad Paisley. So, if I don't say, Brad, he would be pretty upset with me. Brad is in there. I text him quite a bit, so he would definitely be on that list," says Chris. "I got a chance to golf with Bill Murray one time. It was fantastic! In that echelon of actors or entertainers, the one guy I haven't met is Shaq. I just think he would be fun to hang out with!"  

We all know Shaquille O'Neal. Not only is he a legendary basketball player, now a respected sports analyst, but he is also the man responsible for the best GIF ever to exist.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.