Why Did Jimmie Allen Take out a 'Crazy Loan' During A Global Pandemic?

Jimmie Allen is putting his money where his mouth is. 

2020 hit the music industry hard as concerts, live events, and festivals have halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic leaving thousands of industry professionals out of work. 

In a recent interview with ABC's 20/20, the "Best Shot" singer shared a "crazy" decision he made to try and keep his road family paid. 

"I couldn't sleep," says Jimmie. "I definitely did something that a lot of financial advisors wouldn't support. My band and my crew, they've sacrificed so much for me. I was stressed out because I was like 'I'll be good financially,' but these guys have wives. They have families. So, I said, 'Screw it.' I went to the bank, and I took out this crazy loan. Like, a crazy loan. But I was like, 'I've got 45 years to pay it back.'"

Jimmie is no stranger to rolling up his sleeves and working hard, but the struggle of being off the road has been troublesome. 

The Delaware native shared that this year has taken a toll on his mental health. 

"A lot of my mental issues came back," shared Jimmie openly. "Kinda how I coped with [my bipolar disorder] is always staying busy, always doing something, whether it's playing shows, always having my hand in something. And in the first two weeks, it was rough. I didn't even get out of bed. I didn't eat. Mood swings were terrible. I realized for me and my mental health. I needed to be doing something. So that's kinda what, I was able to just dive into a bunch of other projects."

Is new music on the horizon? We are happy to wait. In the meantime, you can catch us listening to his current single, "This Is Us," featuring Noah Cyrus. Check out this hot track by clicking the link below. 

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