9 Cody Alan Thirst-Traps That Made Us Do A Double Take

Happy birthday, Cody Alan!

As one of country music's most humble and kind human beings, Cody's Crew thought it would be fun to celebrate his big day by making him feel awkward and uncomfortable. What better way to do that than to review his hottest thirst-traps from Instagram publicly?

To get started, we must know what a "thirst-trap" really is. 

According to the internet, which can always be trusted, a "Thirst Trap" is a photo that is shared as a way to cope with emotional distress or deepen connections during times of social isolation. (Oh, hi, 2020. We see you there.) 

Next, our analysts (aka Cody's Crew) rounded up their favorite hot shots and ranked them based on two factors. First, what life advice can Cody share in one image? Second, how many minutes were spent staring at Cody's superb physique, bright blue eyes, and perfect camera angles?

Here are our findings. You're welcome, world. 

For the times where you need to be reminded to chill, breathe, and get outside.  

For the times where you feel like you are alone on a deserted island, but the sun still shines bright.

For the times when you really need encouragement, politically, or not.

For the times where you need more facts about water in your life because you are rather dehydrated.

For the times where speedos are encouraged, but you could never be so bold.

For the times where you missed the "curves ahead" warning signs, and that is OK.

For the times when you need to be reminded that human connections still exist.

For the times where you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, but then you realize it's the same thing that will keep you afloat in the long run.

For the times where you realize your friends and coworkers only torment the people they adore the most, and you are a good sport about it.

Cody, we love you! Don't hate us! Happy birthday! 

Photo Credit: CMT Radio.