What Does Michael Ray Call "The Swiss Army Knife" Of Fashion?

Michael Ray is going back to his roots and tipping his cap to the 90's with his latest single, "Whiskey and Rain. In fact, the classic, tear-in-your-beer breakup anthem couldn't be more nostalgic. Take a listen by clicking the link below.  

There are so many great things we can thank the 90's for white sneakers, mom jeans, mini bags, basic ribbed tees. All of the things that we can't imagine our wardrobe without today. But there's one item we wore in the '90s that Michael tells Cody Alan he misses the most.

"Kenny Chesney made us all feel like we could look really cool in a pukka shell necklace. Remember that time?" laughs the "Her World Or Mine" singer. "When "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems" came out, I was like, I gotta get a beach hat and a pukka shell necklace stat!"

"It didn't look the same on me, Cody," admits the singer. "It didn't translate the same as it did on Kenny Chesney. I was like, "Well, that was short-lived."

"I thought they were coming back for a while, but overalls were such a thing in the '90s," says Michael. "What a great thing to wear out in the country! You got ninety thousand pockets. They're like the swiss army knife of clothes."

We couldn't agree more with this comparison, and thanks to Amazon Prime, they should be arriving in 2 days. Stay tuned for pics.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.